Discovering Dusit D2 Nairobi

Following a week-long workshop in Gigiri Nairobi, I was ready to leave the diplomatic enclave and enjoy a fun-filled last night in Nairobi. That meant leaving a no-star hotel which was conveniently located by the workshop venue and heading off to Riverside. After some careful research on Trip Advisor mixed with favourable reviews from both foreigners and Nairobians I checked into Dusit D2. Dusit is a Thai hotel chain that has expanded way beyond its Asian origins and opened up shop in the Middle East and Africa. In Nairobi you’ll find it located in an exclusive office-retail park with the standard tight security we have come to accept and prefer.

Walking into the hotel is a refreshing experience with sunlight pouring in through the glass facade and the peak of the Soko Gourmet deli stocked with tempting treats and honestly good Kenyan coffee. I checked into a standard room and was certainly not disappointed – the bed could easily accommodate a standard nuclear family (two adults and 2.5 children) – same for the shower. After a much needed shower and change I went down for a solo sundowner and early dinner at Soko. The ambience out on the terrace and more especially the food did not disappoint – a clever, urbane interpretation of a traditional meal – ugali and tilapia left me satisfied.

Read next post to see which other exclusive spots I managed to get to.

(Visited Dusit D2 in March 2017)


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